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Anti-pumping Valve

Boyle Ether Vaporiser with Water Bath

Clover's Portable Regulating Ether Inhaler in Case

Clover's Portable Regulating Ether Inhaler ex case

Elsberg Ether Apparatus - 1927

EMO Inhaler

Fluothane Calibration Card - 1956

Goldman Halothane Vaporiser

Goldman Vinesthene Inhaler - King

Goldman Vinesthene Inhaler - BOC

Goldman Vinesthene Drip-feed Attachment

Hewitt's drop bottle

Hewitt's Ether Inhaler

Junker's Inhaler

King Thermanester

London County Council Chloroform Vaporiser

Ombrédanne’s Inhaler

Oxford Vaporiser

Oxford Vinesthene Inhaler

Pinson Bomb

Shipway's Warm Ether Apparatus

John Snow's Ether Inhaler - 1847

'Tec' Mk II series - Fluotec - fenestrated for display

'Tec' Mk II series - Pentec

Vaporiser Connection Mount - BOC

Vaporiser Connection Mount - Selectatec

Vinesthene Inhaler with ampoule breaker